Love the Look of Your Lashes

Whiting and Co. Beauty Bar strives to illuminate your natural beauty so you feel gorgeous and shine with confidence! Our professionally-trained lash artists will help you create a completely custom lash look that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful.

Mega Volume

Need a super full, glamorous look? Mega Volume Lash Sets will bring the drama! The darkest of lash lines is created by adding 9-8 lash extensions to each natural lash, lengthening your lashes to bring out the most dramatic look.

  • Denser and fluffier
  • Extremely full
  • Most darkness
  • Customizable


The Volume Lash Set is meant to make a statement. Volume eyelash extensions are customized, handmade fans applied individually to each natural lash. Volume Sets create a dark lash line, delivering an eyeliner look while also adding dramatic length.

  • Dense and fluffy
  • Medium to semi-full fullness
  • Added length, volume, and darkness
  • Customizable


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a customized combination of the classic one-to-one look. Handmade volume fans (2-10 lash extensions) are applied individually to each natural lash. Hybrid lashes are perfect for the client who wants a bit more volume than a Classic set, yet not as much as a Volume set.

  • Blends Classic & Volume
  • Adds texture, curl, and length
  • Creates fullness and darker lash line


Classic eyelash extensions are one extension applied individually to one natural lash to create a subtle yet eye-catching look. Classic lashes are 1:1 ratio, enhancing the lash length and curl while darkening the lash line. Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for those who want a natural enhancement to the eyes.

  • Natural, freshly-applied mascara look
  • Added length and curl
  • Complements and accentuates eye shape